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Best practices are passe. When it comes to talent management, companies need to adopt the next gen method of talent management - aligning talent to business capability and strategy execution.

In the past, it was more of a bottom-up approach, focussing on the employee lifecycle, starting with hiring. Then we built our best practices around supporting that employee experience, and though this is a second gen approach to talent management, many companies India are still doing this.

Talent management to us is like soft HR, a next-gen that involves competency development, succession management, learning development and such. Building world-class workforces is a top challenge for companies, who are looking to help their organisations hit new levels of performance in 2014.

Clearly, if businesses are to remain competitive, they need talented people. Today’s marketplace is becoming increasingly complex and enterprises need to build up talent on multiple fronts. Yet it’s not as simple as bringing in “the best and the brightest” anymore.

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